Have a really long and still-in-progress character list for a Concept project I started yesterday; I have a feeling this might go the route of Beautiful—heavily thought of, never actually written.  Especially because this one is just WEIRD.  Like… Beautiful had a lot of heavy-duty, controversial issues in it that made it interesting to work with, but awkward to imagine publishing.  This is weird because…

Every character is based off of a song by Cake.  Like… Cake

And I don’t know if that’s plagiarism or what.  The way I see it, it’s like doing a re-do of Alice in Wonderland or something, but w/e.

Still working on it—some songs are really easy (Cool Blue Reason, The Opera Singer, Comfort Eagle), and some are easy because of my own bizarre connections of the song (Shadow Stabbing, Hem of Your Garment, Never There), but some are vague enough to make things hard for me (Alpha Beta Parking Lot, Mexico).

My favorite character so far is Comfort Eagle; the first was actually the Opera Singer, but oh well.

Anyway, in-progress character list under cut:

Name: ???; “Comfort Eagle”

Song: “Comfort Eagle”

Gender: Male

Age: Late 20’s

Hair: Light blonde

Eyes: Hidden

Leader of The Cult of the Comfort Eagle.  His real name is unknown, but he goes by simply “Comfort Eagle”.  Comfort Eagle seems to know everything about everyone, but no one seems to know anything about him.  When Comfort Eagle is seen, he has a mask in front of his face—a single piece of thick paper with the symbol of the Comfort Eagle on it, tied below his hairline and obscuring his features.  How he sees through it isn’t really known.  Eloquent, calm, not emotionless but very controlled in his emotions.

Name: Arco Arena

Song: “Arco Arena”

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Hair: Rust

Eyes: Brown

Arco is Comfort Eagle’s right-hand.  Arco isn’t mute, but he speaks so rarely people sometimes forget that he can.  Arco is completely loyal to Comfort Eagle and takes care of Eagle’s dirty business and errands.

Name: The Opera Singer

Song: “Opera Singer”

Gender:  Male

Age: ??? (Looks 42)

Hair: Off-white

Eyes: Gray; glasses with a bead-string that can make them a necklace

A Deathless being, the Opera Singer is a mysterious being known only as “the Opera Singer”.  Hundreds of years old, the Opera Singer sold his soul to the devil a long, long time ago to ensure he could sing opera forever.  He is in tight business with Cedric Cerny.

Name: Cedric Cerny; “The Austrian Nobleman”

Song: “Commissioning a Symphony in C”

Gender: Male

Age: ??? (Looks 40)

Hair: Graying from brown

Eyes: Green

An Austrian nobleman, he commissioned from a famous composer a piece of music, in the key of C, that has the ability to transfix souls.  And, when combined with the voice of the Opera Singer, has the ability to capture and control them.  Cedric is not an especially brave or decisive man, and his own soul has been captured by the Opera Singer; he works as the Opera Singer’s servant and errand man, as well as partner.  As the Opera Singer is short-tempered, bitter, condescending, and does not like speaking to people, it is up to Cedric to have him hired for jobs.

Name:  Chevy Ford

Song: “Satan is My Motor”

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Hair: Brown-ish red

Eyes: Red-orange

A demon working for Alpha Beta.  Chevy is loud, petulant, and really not-subtle about being a demon.  However, no one takes him particularly seriously, thinking instead he’s just some punk kid.  Despite trying to wear the angry-surly-demon persona, Chevy is actually a helpless romantic, and he falls for girls left and right without any control whatsoever.

Name: Alpha Beta

Song: “Long Line of Cars”

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Hair: Black; slicked-back, neat

Eyes: Black

The lead of the demons working with Comfort Eagle on the manipulation of human beings.  Proper, with back-handed compliments and plenty of condescension.  Alpha is a hard worker and will get whatever job he’s assigned to done, with as much grace as possible—though he can’t always be held responsible for the stupidity of the people he’s put in charge of.

Name: Karen “Kitty” Fields

Song: “Short Skirt / Long Jacket”

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Green

A high-level worker at a major facility that designs, creates, and constructs cars.  Karen is a no-nonsense woman who takes no crap.  She’s the kind of woman who isn’t ashamed that she’s a woman, but isn’t overly concerned with it, either. She doesn’t feel like she has to prove anything to anyone—she knows exactly what she is, and people will respect and follow her or she’ll crush them beneath her foot without looking.  Karen ends up being the demon’s human contact, although she has no real demonic connections herself, besides for the place where she works.  The only ones allowed to call her Kitty are her boss and the demons, because they simply won’t stop.  Karen has agreed to help them because they have asked her to.  Karen is a member of the Cult of the Comfort Eagle, though only marginally, and almost only in name.

Name: Blu Reason

Song: “Cool Blue Reason”

Gender: Male

Age: 36

Hair:  Faded brown

Eyes: Brown

Helplessly paranoid, time seems to go by especially slowly for Blu.  Blu has a wife and two daughters, but due to his own fear that he’ll lead them to their deaths, he hasn’t seen them in years, instead of staying on the run.  What he’s afraid of he doesn’t know himself.  During the “story” he runs across Karen Fields and Alpha Beta, and they coerce Blu into helping them, or else they really will kill his daughters and wife—an idea he practically gives them.  Every time Blu hears a vague report of a death (“There was a shooting in Kansas; two are dead”) he automatically assumes it’s his wife or daughters and goes into hysterics.

Name: Nathan Turner

Song: “Never There”

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Hair: Brown with natural orange-ish highlights

Eyes: Startling orange

A phoenix; if Nathan is killed, gravely injured, or falls ill, he bursts into flames, turns into ashes, and then comes back through the ashes.  Because of his species, Nathan has always been very careful to avoid long-term relationships; however, he has recently fallen in love with a woman and although he has run to a new part of the country in order to avoid harming her or her finding out what he is, the two have attempted to keep up a long-distance relationship, which he hates himself for.  However, she has recently seemed less interested in him than usual, and when he calls and needs her she doesn’t pick up—this has made Nathan especially bitter, and it’s sometimes hard to get his attention because of his preoccupation.

Name: America Kipper

Song: “You Turn the Screws”

Gender: Female

Age: 32

Hair: Dyed-blonde

Eye: Green

A powerful young woman who sells finances; cold and manipulative, she is married to a very lovely woman, but it’s the only place she shows warmth—which, when viewed by people from the outside, seems very fake.  America is extremely manipulative of people, a process she is completely open and flippant about.  She refers to her manipulation as “turning the screws”.  America is remorseless to the point of seeming psychopathic, or almost sadistic.  Her completely professional (if harpy-like) personality is disrupted only by the fact that she enjoys listening to punk-rock music.  America is a member of the Cult of the Comfort Eagle and helps the Cult collect finances.

Name: Tom Stark

Song: “Shadow Stabbing”

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Hair: Brown, looks windswept

Eyes: Gray

A young but ardent author of fiction.  However, his career ambitions have recently been shelved due to his duties as a Shadow Stabber; he’s a member of a somewhat secretive group that hunts down monsters and superhumans that threaten to destroy human life.  However, Tom has a very weak body and has been confined entirely to his room, and is never allowed to leave again.  He works, however, through a double of himself—a false body that looks like a somewhat stereotypical “gruff 40’s cop”, complete with eternal five o’clock shadow.  Tom is gifted in that whatever he types becomes real for this false body—and that his typewriter is magic.  The actions of others (low-level imp-like demons and the like, etc.) will suddenly type themselves in red ink and a different font, and when he types it comes out in normal font and in black, and he writes actions like a story.  It’s kind of like a very, very complicated RP.  Has small statues of plastic saints he’s painted white beside his desk that he believes are responsible for sharing the information with him and getting it out.

Name:  Sebastian Wood

Song: “Hem of Your Garment”

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Hair: Dirty blonde

Eyes: Blue

A fellow Shadow Stabber with Tom Stark.  Sebastian works side-by-side with Tom Stark’s double, putting himself directly into the line of fire.  Sebastian is a mostly cold person, someone who finds himself “intrinsically no good”, with little to no care for the people around him.  Except for Tom—who he’s started to fall for.  Tom has started to fall for him, too, which scares Sebastian a lot, because he doesn’t know what to do with that—he feels he isn’t good enough for Tom, by a long shot, but doesn’t want to lose him, either.  Sebastian has always taken care of himself, growing up in a very poor family with neglectful, alcohol parents; although never entirely on his own, Sebastian has more or less raised himself and feels like he has a taint of desperation and poverty on his skin he’ll never be able to get rid of.

Name: Pan Dionasis

Song: “Sheep Go to Heaven”

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Hair: Redhead

Eyes: Brown

A faun/satyr.  Normally very happy and light-hearted, Pan has recently gone through a bad break-up and is not handling it very well.  Pan has been petulant, refusing to do anything—include smile—but play his panpipes and drink wine.  Normally the people he works with wouldn’t care too much what he does with himself, but as he is a Shadow Stabber along with Tom’s double and Sebastian, he kind of has to get himself up sometimes.  Pan’s dark spell has him being quite condescending of people with normal jobs, often calling them “sheep” and spitting that “Oh, yeah, they’ll go to heaven, the damn sheep, but how boring would that be, and their lives are dull enough, Jesus, what’s the point of living if you don’t do any living”, but he’s mostly okay when you catch him sober.  His actions worry Tom, but Sebastian assures him he’ll be fine in a couple months once he’s moved on.